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  Human Power eJournal Issue 14 2022  


32. Efficiency of Cable Ferries - Part 1
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML

  Human Power eJournal Issue 13 2021  


31. Reciprocal frames in recumbent cycles
Stephen Nurse. -- HTML

30. Bicycling Science Fourth Edition - Synopsis
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML

29. Prospects for in-hub gearbox front wheel drive cycles
Stephen Nurse. -- HTML, PDF

  Human Power eJournal Issue 12 2020  


28. Adding Arm Power to a Tilting Velomobile
Wally Swarchuk. -- HTML, PDF (article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 11 2019  


27. Maximum (Bicycle) Chain Efficiency
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML, PDF (article)

26. In-Hub Gearbox Front Wheel Drive Cycles
Stephen Nurse. -- HTML, PDF (article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 10 2017-2018  


25. Determination of the optimal crank arm length to maximize peak power production in an upright cycling position
Danny Too and Christopher D. Williams -- HTML, PDF (article)

24. Chain induced stresses in bicycle and recumbent frames
Stephen Nurse. -- HTML, PDF (article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 9 2016-2017  


23. Efficiency of human-powered sail pumping
Sergio E. Perez, Mark Wisniewski and Jordan Kendall. -- HTML, PDF (article)

22. Editorial and Human Powered Chain Ferries
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML, PDF (article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 8 2014  


21c. ON SEVERAL EXPERIENCES, regarding the amount of energy which men can provide during their daily work, according to the different ways they use their strength,
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. -- HTML 

21b. DE PLUSIEUR EXPÉRIENCES, destinées à déterminer la quantité d'action que les hommes peuvent fournir par leur travail journalier, suivant les différentes manières dont ils emploient leurs forces,
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. -- HTML 

21. Coulomb's Work on Human Power,
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML

  Human Power eJournal Issue 7 2012-2013  


20. Leaning Trikes using Rear Axle Pedal Crank Mechanism,
Stephen Nurse. -- HTML (condensed article with further files), PDF (full article)

19. Closed-form Method to Evaluate Bike Braking Performance,
Junghsen Lieh. -- HTML (condensed article with further files), PDF (full article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 6 2009  


18. Foundation building with human power: ground screws,
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML

  Human Power eJournal Issue 5 2008  


17. Ergonomics of Direct-Drive Recumbent Bicycles,
Jeremy M. Garnet. -- HTML (condensed article), PDF (full article)

16. Maximizing Performance in Human Powered Vehicles: A literature review and directions for future research,
Danny Too and Gerald E. Landwer. -- HTML (article)

15. Series Hybrid Drive-System:  Advantages for Velomobiles,
Andreas Fuchs. -- HTML (condensed article), PDF (full article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 4 2007  


14. The Effect of Static Leg Position and Cadence on the Drag of a Cyclist,
Kim B. Blair, Guo-Liang Chew, and Mark Cote. -- HTML (article)

13. SDV drive with oval pedal motion,
Tetsu Iwatsuki and Noriyuki Oda. -- HTML (condensed article with further files), PDF (full article)

12. A Basic Data Logger for Recording a Bicycle's Wheel Rotation,
John Snyder. -- HTML (article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 3 2006  


11. Power levels during stair climbing,
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML (article)

10. Determination of Cycling Speed Using a Closed-form Solution from Nonlinear Dynamic Equations,
Junghsen Lieh. -- HTML (condensed article with further files), PDF (full article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 2 2005  


9. Analysis and Visualisation of Data Collected from Human-Electric Hybrid Bicycle-Tests,
Andreas Fuchs. -- HTML (article)

8. On Measuring Airspeed on a Bicycle,
Julian Gordon. -- HTML (article)

  Human Power eJournal Issue 1 2004  


7. Resistance on Snow or Ice,
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML (article)

6. Ventilation of Streamlined HPVs,
John Nobile. -- HTML (article)

5. Determination of Drag Parameters Utilizing a Bicycle Power Meter,
John Snyder and Theo Schmidt. -- HTML (article),  XLS (spreadsheet)

4. Numerically Controlled Routing,
Stephen Nurse. -- HTML (article), PDF (drawing), DXF (CAD file)

3. Human Powered Juice Making,
Theo Schmidt. -- HTML (article)

2. The Ventilation of Streamlined Human Powered Vehicles,
Ben Wichers Schreur. -- HTML (condensed article), PDF (full article), XLS (spreadsheet)

1. Algebraic Determination of Land HPV Velocity,
John Snyder. -- HTML (article), XLS (spreadsheet)

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The Launch of HPeJ -- HTML (article)

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